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Diageo believes our commitment to quality is reflected in advancing our Society 2030: Spirit of Progress goals across the U.S.

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We want people to drink better, not more. That means promoting moderation and continuing to address the harmful use of alcohol by changing attitudes and expanding our programs that tackle impaired driving and binge drinking.


Promoting moderation with industry-leading tools and campaigns.

Information is a critical component of empowering consumers to make responsible choices – and DRINKiQ is one of our most important tools in promoting moderation and addressing harmful drinking. The online platform encourages consumers to drink better, not more, and is available in English and Spanish in the U.S., as well as over 130 languages globally.


Our brands have a strong history of engaging with consumers around the importance of responsible consumption of our products. In the U.S., Crown Royal and Captain Morgan have partnered with Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Football League (NFL) on holistic responsible drinking campaigns that included moderation messaging and activations with fans.

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Drops of Advice

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Understanding alcohol

In the U.S., a standard drink contains 14g of alcohol. U.S. dietary guidelines recommend that on a daily basis, women not exceed 1 standard drink and men not exceed 2 standard drinks. These common beverages are equal to one standard drink.

12fl oz beer (5% ABV)
12Fl Oz Beer 5 Abv
12fl oz canned cocktail (5% ABV)
12Fl Oz Canned Cocktail 5 Abv
5fl oz wine (12% ABV)
5Fl Oz Wine 12 Abv
1.5fl oz spirit (40% ABV)
15Fl Oz Spirit 40 Abv
Positive Drinking

Preventing Impaired Driving

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We have a longstanding commitment to addressing impaired driving through a range of interventions, including partnerships with road safety organizations, law enforcement, distributors, and corporations in the U.S.

Together with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), we launched “Wrong Side of the Road,” an interactive experience that gives people an opportunity to ask real impaired drivers questions about their choices and learn about their consequences.

We continue to support the second UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Positive Drinking

MADD Partnership

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We’ve established a partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to collaborate on public awareness and education campaigns aimed at ending drunk driving in the U.S. By combining our expertise and resources, we’ll do what we collectively can to tackle impaired driving and help save lives.

As part of this partnership, Diageo North America became an inaugural member of the MADD Network – a first-of-its-kind campaign that aims to unite diverse supporters of MADD who share the commitment of creating a future of No More Victims.

In addition, MADD has joined our efforts to address alcohol-related harm in Black, Latino, and Native American communities through the Multicultural Consortium for Responsible Drinking (MCRD), which we established in 2022.

Positive Drinking

Addressing Alcohol-Related Harm

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Drinking affects communities differently. This led Diageo to explore a new approach that helps reach distinct demographic groups in the U.S. with resources and education.

In 2022, we formed the Multicultural Consortium for Responsible Drinking (MCRD) in partnership with influential members of the Black, Latino, and Native American communities, including law enforcement, faith-based and media organizations.

This past year the MCRD reached over 1.6 million people in these communities raising awareness on the risks of alcohol-related harm.

Positive drinking

Partnering with the Industry

Education Efforts
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By 2030, we intend to educate 10 million people worldwide on the dangers of underage drinking.

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Diageo is a founding member of Responsibility.org and has long supported the organization's mission to end drunk driving, prevent underage drinking, and empower adults to make a lifetime of responsible alcohol choices.

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