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From the loading dock to the distillery, Diageo believes quality jobs deliver quality products.

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Employer of choice with exceptional pay and benefits


– Six months of parental leave

– Family support

– Job flexibility

– Mental health and well-being services


We bring these quality jobs to eleven locations in the United States.




* The state numbers reflect the amount of jobs Diageo’s business supports including employment in distribution, retail, restaurant and bars. Revenue impact represents annual revenue for restaurants and bars attributable to the sale of Diageo products.

** Disclaimer: these figures are estimates developed by Oxford Economics, and correspond to 2022 data.


Our Highlights

Hand in Hand


Our Highlights

Hear from our employees

“It’s amazing to be able to work for a company that prioritizes me when I can’t prioritize myself. That’s been wonderful. It gave my family peace of mind we didn’t know we needed. I can’t speak highly enough about the leave policy. Diageo makes sure you don’t have to worry about taking leave.”

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Kristel T.

on Diageo’s parental leave

“There’s a deep level of commitment to the workers…Our Bourbon Production Experts are brilliant minds and working with them is a great responsibility. It’s about creating the future leaders of Diageo. We are really committed to that process.”

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Moya L.

on Diageo’s focus on its workers


Diageo’s Made-in-America footprint

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