Championing Inclusion and Diversity

Diageo champions Inclusion and Diversity across our business, at every level, across the U.S.

From a diverse workforce to the way we source services and portray diversity through our brands, we’re working to shape the future of an inclusive and diverse beverage alcohol industry and lead positive change in the communities in which we live, work, source and sell.

Diversity of thought and experience fuels growth and innovation in our organization and brings us closer to our consumers.


Our Progress

In-progress targets here


Champion gender diversity with an ambition to achieve 50% representation of women in leadership roles by 2030


Improve employability and livelihoods for 200,000 people through Learning of Life and other skills initiative


Champion ethnic diversity with an ambition to increase represenation of leaders from ethnically diverse backgrounds to 45% by 2030

1.5 million

Provide skills and resources in 1.5mm training sessions through the Diageo Bar Academy


By 2030

Our goal is to increase ethnically diverse representation in the US to 45%.

* Leadership reflects all L4’s and above based in the US across North America and LAC business units as well as our Global Functions.


Investments into the
Next Generation of Leaders


We champion inclusion and diversity in our entire value chain

We work closely with our suppliers and agencies to advance positive, sustainable economic impact in the diverse communities where we source.


Partnerships  & Recognitions

Bloomberg Gender Equality
Refinitiv (1)
Equileap Make A Difference (2)
CEO Action
Creative Equals
Fast Company BWFI
Dave Thomas Foundation Award
Human Rights Best Place To Work
Seramount 100 Best
Seramount Best Company Multicultural
Seramount Top Company Executive Women
Seramount Inclusion Index

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Empowering our communities

Communities and industries across America benefit from our commitment to quality products.

We appreciate and support these industries by establishing educational and hospitality skills development programs, financially supporting underrepresented communities, investing in HBCUs, and through charitable giving.


Learning Skills For Life

Free technical and life skills training, bartending and front of house training, and work experience within the hospitality industry.


Charitable donations & Pandemic relief

Approximately $6 million annually to U.S. charitable organizations. In fiscal year 2021, we donated an additional $15 million to support communities and hospitality workers in their COVID-19 economic recovery efforts. Employees also receive paid time off to volunteer with organizations and give back to their communities.



Celebrating Crown Royal’s Purple Bag Project, which has supported over one million servicemembers across the world with care packages.

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Advancing grain-to-glass sustainability

We are working to be carbon-neutral by 2030 across our direct operations and are also helping our suppliers cut their impact in half.


Our advancements

Accountability in reducing carbon

carbon emission reduction
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100% carbon neutral
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Sustainability EV Truck Vertical
Nam Quality Jobs Image

We have reduced the carbon emissions in our operations by half per our 2017 baseline and are working towards greater use of renewable energy to achieve our 100% sourcing goal.

We are also working with our extensive supply chain to reduce emissions across the value chain by 50% by 2030 and meet our science-based target.


Our advancements

Preserving and replenishing water

We are committed to preserving and replenishing water where we operate.


By 2030, we will ensure that every drink we produce will take 30% less water to make than it does today.

We have made progress reusing treated wastewater in the cooling processes at our U.S. Virgin Islands distillery.

We are anticipating savings of approximately 12 million gallons of water annually.

We implemented water-saving initiatives across our sites that enabled us to reduce total water usage compared to last year. These include optimizing boiler operations at our Shelbyville, Kentucky distillery; upgrading our water purification process at our Gimli, Manitoba distillery; and our holistic sustainability plan at our Valleyfield, Quebec facility.

13 million gallons less water was used compared to the previous year.


Our advancements

Eliminating waste and increasing recycling content

We are committed to reducing the volume of materials used, and reusing or recycling waste from our operations.


Seagram’s 7 Crown bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (rPET) in North America.

This doubled the recycled materials in our plastic bottles last fiscal year.

We are transitioning our plastic 50ml. formats to 100% recycled PET.


183 million

In 2022, we launched a global program to remove 183 million cardboard gift boxes from our premium Scotch portfolio across the world.

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Promoting positive drinking

We want people to drink better, not more.

That means promoting moderation and continuing to address the harmful use of alcohol by changing attitudes and expanding our programs that tackle underage drinking, impaired driving, and binge drinking.



Promoting moderation with industry-leading tools and campaigns

Information is a critical component of empowering consumers to make responsible choices – and DRINKiQ is one of our most important tools in promoting moderation and addressing harmful drinking. The online platform encourages consumers to drink better, not more, and is available in English and Spanish in the US, as well as over 130 languages globally.

Our brands have a strong history of engaging with consumers around the importance of responsible consumption of our products. In the United States, Crown Royal and Captain Morgan have partnered with Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Football League (NFL) on holistic responsible drinking campaigns that included moderation messaging and activations with fans.

Our Highlights

Drops of Advice

Drops Of Advice Thumbnail

Understanding alcohol

In the U.S., a standard drink contains 14g of alcohol. It is recommended that on a daily basis, women not exceed 1 standard drink and men not exceed 2 standard drinks. These common beverages are equal to one standard drink.

Positive drinking

Preventing Impaired Driving

We have a longstanding commitment to addressing impaired driving through a range of interventions, including partnerships with road safety organizations, law enforcement, distributors, and corporations in the United States.

Wrong Side of the Road
Together with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), we launched “Wrong Side of the Road,” an interactive experience that gives people an opportunity to ask real impaired drivers questions about their choices and learn about their consequences.

UN Decade of Action
We continue to support the second UN Decade of Action for Road Safety.


Positive drinking

Addressing Alcohol-Related Harm

Ethnic communities
Drinking affects ethnic communities differently. This led Diageo to explore a new approach that helps reach distinct demographic groups in the U.S. with resources and education.

Multicultural Consortium for Responsible Drinking
In 2022, we formed the Multicultural Consortium for Responsible Drinking (MCRD) in partnership with influential members of the Black, Latino and Native American communities, including law enforcement, faith-based and media organizations.

This past year the MCRD reached over 1.6 million people in these communities raising awareness on the risks of alcohol-related harm.


Positive drinking

Tackling Underage Drinking

Educate 10 million people
By 2030, we intend to educate 10 million people on the dangers of underage drinking, world-wide.
As founding members, we have long supported in the United States on various initiatives to educate the public on the dangers of underage drinking.

National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
Diageo funds the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators’ (NASPA) evidence-based 360 Proof Program, an on-campus education program that takes a holistic approach preventing alcohol misuse on college campuses.


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